20 Homegrown Jewellery labels you should invest in for your daily use

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Author: Tanya Mehta

We’ve been experiencing a newfound and refreshing minimalism when it comes to our jewellery choices off late. We’re veering away from chunky costume jewellery to invest in high-quality pieces that can be stacked, layered and paired in different ways with our multiple outfits. These pieces stand the test of time, our fast-paced lifestyles, and most importantly look good with everything.

An array of established and emerging homegrown labels are imbibing gold and silver plating and the use of semi precious stones to create contemporary jewellery crafted by the country’s talented artisans. These pieces are classic and trend-proof, making them items you will wear and cherish through the years. From medallion necklaces, signet rings, hoops, chain link bracelets, coin motifs and classic gold bangles, here are the ones you need in your trousseau, and by doing so you are supporting a local designer and in turn providing employment to the artisan community.