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If you have other burning questions we weren’t able to address here, feel free to email.


All my pieces are proudly made in India.

My jewellery is made in different places – Jaipur, Mumbai, Jalgaon, where I am based out of, and Lonar, my hometown. 

All my products are handmade using an ancient wax casting technique by gifted artisans. The jewellery is made of silver, semi-precious stones and pearls, or a blend of all of these unless otherwise specified in the description.


 To give them lustre and longevity, we opt for micron plating instead of flash plating. All pieces are 1 micron plated to ensure they last through generations. 

I also use an array of semi precious gemstones including hessonite, amethyst, moonstone turquoise, garnets, carnelian, peridot and more. You can find specifics for each piece on its product page. I personally visit Jaipur to source gemstones for jewellery. 

My karigars from Mumbai & Jaipur are experienced makers in fine jewellery. The pearls I choose for the jewellery are freshwater, basra, baroque and keshi pearls.

Storing: Keep your pieces in an airtight bags. All your orders come with a Ziploc — this aid in the longevity of jewellery plating.

Our pieces are meant to wear in day to day life , and not to stay locked in safes. They do need a little care.

We don’t recommend any products, polishes, or chemicals to clean your jewellery. Just clean them gently with a soft cotton cloth.

I’m happy to re-plate them when needed, or use different materials or finishes according to your requirement. 

Yes, I love customizing jewellery.  I’d be happy to try to work this out for you but please be aware that it might take a little longer.

We love collaborating on new designs especially when it involves a piece you love so much. Due to the size of our operation, we are unable to do any custom work right now. But if it means so much to you, shoot us an email at and we will see what we can do.


 We now ship to over a 230 countries worldwide. Register with us to receive updates on shipping, promotions and other related information.

 We try our best to ship our pieces to you within 3-4 days and delivery time is 4-7 days depending on your location. We will send an email confirming your order and may contact you to confirm this before shipping the products. We would also be happy to track your shipment and will provide you with any assistance you may require post ordering. In rare cases, a slight delay might be caused due to any govt. interventions or natural causes or pandemic etc.

Before you have it in your hands, rest assured I’ve done a thorough quality check personally. The process from start to finish takes around 3 – 5 weeks in total. 

Don’t worry! Sometimes, it takes a couple of days to update your shipment status. Email us at and we will let you know where your package is.


Each piece already has a lot of information on its product page, however, if you need to know more, email us at:

You are not alone! I’ve tested my jewellery for nickel and lead and while it should be totally safe for you to wear.

Returns & Exchanges

We invest a great deal of love and care in the making of each ETERNO piece and each piece is one of a kind. This means your purchase may differ slightly from the image you see on the website, and there may be minor irregularities.


 For example, stone shades vary considerably within an acceptable tolerance, an effect which is magnified to different degrees by computer screens. 


PERSONALISED/ CUSTOM ORDERS – As personalised order like monogram cufflinks / brooch / pendant / bracelet are made on order so we don’t any kind of cancellation or refund on it As a company policy we do not provide refund on any product sold. Once the ETERNO pieces are sold they can be exchanged (if you’ve received a dented product/ manufacturing defect) for replacement or a credit note.

As mentioned previously, I don’t offer refunds or returns as everything is made-to-order.

Oh no, we are so sorry about that. We will make it right for you. Please email us at:


You can use Credit or Debit cards, Indian or international, to pay online. If you’re in India, you also have the option to pay via Net Banking.

We offer cash on delivery on selected products, which requires you to pay ₹200 as an additional cost.

For a number of reasons, the success rate for Indian payment gateways processing international transactions is low.

If all else fails, email me at and I’ll send you my bank details.  You can then use a service like Razorpay  and Paypal to send the money from overseas.

Not to worry, it happens to the best of us. Check the following:

Check that your card is not expired.
Double check the accuracy of your credit card’s billing details; such as the billing address and the security code (i.e. what you’ve entered into the checkout details).
Call your credit card issuer – they might’ve have stopped this payment from going through.

Order questions

Drop me an email at and I will update your order as soon as I can.

I only accept one promo code at a time. I am sure that there will be other opportunities to use your promo code in the future.